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Existing Customers

Thank you for playing a part in showing how Arizonans can support sustainable energy. In a state where sunshine is plentiful, we are hopeful that clean energy from the sun will always be an option for everyone.

Coming soon: How you can help protect sustainable energy in Arizona!

Future Customers

APS filed a new rate case on June 1st, 2016. A rate case is an opportunity for APS to change the fee structure for customers and increase rates.


If the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) approves the case, their plan will be implemented next year.


We disagree with many of the proposed changes and are voicing our objections to the ACC in an effort to influence the new rate plan. The new rate plan presented by APS serves three purposes: (1) an immediate 8% rate increase and, (2) the end to exchanging excess daily energy with APS on a fair unit to unit exchange; aka net metering and, (3) changing residential rates to include demand charges.

One deadline to watch in the proposed rate case: the APS proposed grandfathered rate plan will apply only to those with solar installed or solar power application is submitted to APS by July 1st, 2017. Not only will installing a solar system add value to your home, but the grandfathered rate plan will also be transferable to future owners of a home. Please remember, there are still federal and state tax credits available to offset the cost of a solar system.

There is no better time than now to install a solar PV system. Solar manufacturing supply inventory is high, and worldwide demand is lower than expected. This results in lower material costs and translates to a savings for you. This inventory excess will evaporate soon so don’t delay! Please contact Green Earth Energy and Environmental, Inc. for your new solar proposal and current pricing.

Renewable Energy Resources

Visit the Solar Strong America site and their facebook page to find out about events and how to write your legislator:

For up-to-date information about state regulations, visit Vote Solar's website to learn more about this organization aiming to bring solar into the mainstream:

Corporation Commissioner candidates who support renewable energy:

-Tom Chabin

-Bill Mundell

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