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Utility Incentives 


Utility companies greatly impact the affordability of renewable energy through net metering and the financial incentive programs they offer.


Net Metering

Utility companies incentivize solar systems by offering “net metering” for the excess energy your system generates. Currently, solar systems connected to the grid are allowed to credit the excess energy generated by their system at retail prices. The utility company “stores” this energy for use on future bills.  More and more utilities are attempting to eliminate net metering so they can compensate for excess generation at wholesale prices rather than retail. Installing solar now will ensure that you are grandfathered into the net metering program before it is discontinued.  


Financial Incentives

Most of our clients are customers of Arizona Public Service (APS). APS’s incentives change based on yearly funding levels and become unavailable once funding runs out. Please contact us for more information about current incentive availability.

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