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  • Morgan Stine

6 Reasons to Go Solar in Arizona

1. Hedge against future rate increases

APS recently raised rates on all customers to cover rising costs. There are many factors that can contribute to rising energy prices, like maintaining an aging grid, building new power facilities to supply meet growing demand, and the impact of natural disasters, to name a few. When you invest in solar, you can protect yourself from these costs, which utility companies typically pass directly onto their customers.

2. Drastically reduce your utility bill for the next 20 years

Whether you have retirement coming up, or have college tuition on the horizon, installing solar now will lock in savings as energy costs rise over the next two decades. Investing in solar now frees up more of your budget for the future.

3. Get a Reliable ROI that’ll beat the stock market

On average the stock market produces about a 7% ROI annually, but solar far outpaces that once you factor in tax incentives. Although the stock market can always take a tumble, energy prices are projected to rise consistently over the next twenty years.

With the stock market reaching all time highs, solar is an investment alternative that can diversify your portfolio, and can help you hedge against a downturn in the market.

4. Tax Credits, Anyone?

Right now, there's a Federal Income Tax Credit that will cover 30% of solar system installation costs.

5. Don’t need a Tax Credit? Get a Leased system

A leased solar system will give you the same energy savings and cost security over the next twenty years. Similar to purchasing your solar system, solar leasing also allows you to reap all the benefits of the energy being generated on the roof. The primary difference is that the tax credit gets passed onto the lessor. To learn more, contact us.

6. Use battery storage for extra independence and savings

Adding a battery backup system will help you keep the AC on if there's a grid outage, but it can also help you save even more. APS charges more for energy from noon to 8pm. Your solar system can cover your usage during daylight hours, and then your battery backup can cover the rest of the peak window as the sun goes down. Avoiding peak power charges can reduce your bill by half or more.

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