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Flexible Payment Options

There are many financial solutions for installing solar. Take a look at the options below, and ask us for more information:



Take advantage of all available incentives yourself:

  • 26% Federal Tax Credit

  • $1000 Arizona Tax Credit

  • Additional Commercial Incentives

  • Enjoy free energy for 20+ years after your system pays out


Take advantage of incentives without excess money out of your pocket:

  • Most banks offer renewable energy loans or add system cost to your mortgage

  • Solar payback is greater than loan interest rates

  • Enjoy years of free energy when your system is paid off!

Monthly Lease

Start using solar energy on your property for $0 down:

  • Go green with no risk

  • Get an insured, lifetime-warrantied system

  • Pay a monthly leasing payment lower than your current energy bill

  • Lock in low transparent rates to protect against future utility rate hikes

Prepaid Lease

Solar energy on your property at the lowest lifetime rate:

  • Insured and warrantied system installation

  • Pre-pay for system generation at below-utility rates

  • All leases include an option to buy the system at end of the lease term

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