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Business Incentives

Solar for business should be a no-brainer

You could pay off your solar investment for your business in under 5 years! 

Between commercial grants, USDA reimbursements, and tax incentives more than 50% of your solar installation could be covered. 

Business & Residential

Work from home? We’ll help you leverage business AND residential incentives!

The math adds up.

You + GEEE = money saved; money earned. 

Future proof your investment

Green Earth Energy uses the latest in solar technology.

Not sure if you want all the bells and whistles now?

That’s okay. We will always choose the most economical option for you and future proof your investment while we’re at it. 

Something wrong with your solar? 

Not happy with your current solar situation?

Our trained system's engineers can take a look at your current system and fix the other guy’s mistake.

Energy consulting is part of what we do. Call or request a free, customized quote today. We’ll help you find the best incentives for your business or home. 

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