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Solar Electric


Solar Electric, also known as Solar Photovoltaic (PV) can provide electricity to your home for general use. PV modules turn sunlight into electricity, and are typically interconnected with the grid so that excess power can be sold back to your utility company. For more, see net metering.



Improvements in solar technology and manufacturing efficiency have led to a dramatic decrease in the cost to install solar. Taking into consideration these advances, coupled with the fact current government and utility incentives that may not be available in the future, now is the most affordable time to install solar.

Green Earth Energy uses the latest technology in our designs. 


As the graph below shows, solar module prices have declined so much in recent years that very little savings can be achieved by waiting for further technological improvements:

We want your energy bill to be net-zero 

Our Goal is simple. We want to install the most economical energy system for our client's needs.  That means you'll receive a tailored design to fit your project. Green Earth Energy is so confident in our energy modeling and projections that we won't take your project unless we can decrease your energy bill by at least 60% and in some cases by more than 100%!

Green Earth Energy's engineers and installation team are trained to design, install, and monitor the latest in:

Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar is the most common and often the most economical option for solar if there's minimal shading and because the structure is already in place.

Worried about aesthetics? Rooftop solar

keeps a low-profile atop your home or business.

Ground Mount Solar

Ground mount solar is another great, economical option due to excellent sun access. Whether your existing roof system is less than ideal for mounting or your property just needs a little more juice, ground mount solar may be an option for you. 

Single & Dual Axis Trackers

Sun access is where trackers really shine and Green Earth Energy is one of the only companies in Sedona capable of installing this highly technical system. 

Single & Dual Axis Trackers maximize your solar gain, following the sun and netting you more efficient energy generation. 

Carport Solar

A ground mount that doubles as a parking structure is a good way to increase the value of your home and parking access. 

Battery Backup System

Keep the lights on, even when the grid goes out. A battery backup system provides protection from unexpected outages so your home and business don't get left in the dark like everyone else.

Peak Shaving Battery

Optimize your energy use and save money. Peak shaving batteries can lower bills and offset consumption during peak hours. (3 p.m. to 8 p.m.) 

In the market for solar power?

Green Earth Energy will design and install the right solar system for your needs. Request a free, customized quote today!

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