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You Can Afford Solar

The mix of energy savings, state and federal tax credits, and utility incentives currently available today make renewable energy a smart investment. A leased system can provide an affordable option to those who want renewable energy for their home, but are unable to take advantage of current tax credits.

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Financial Benefits

Financial Benefits

On average, your investment in a solar system will pay for itself in anywhere from 7-12 years. The payback on your system will vary based on many factors. Beneath the graph showing a typical customer's payback, we discuss some of the factors that can increase your return on investment

Utility Prices

The cost of your electricity now and in the years to come will affect how quickly your system pays for itself. The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts rising utility rates across the U.S. as demand for electricity grows. Meeting this demand will require large amounts of capital for new power plants. At the same time, reinvestment to update aging plants and infrastructure will also put a strain on resources. The graph above assumes that utility rates continue to rise at the APS 5-year average of 4.38%. Depending on variables such as fossil fuel prices, demand, infrastructure maintenance, etc… your solar system may have an even higher return on investment.

Your Home’s Solar Resource

The orientation of your home, roof type, and any shading obstacles near your home can impact the cost of the system. Fortunately, low-cost design solutions exist for less than ideal sites.

Available Financial Incentives

In past years, Arizona utility companies have provided incentives for their customers to install solar. The future of utility incentives is unclear, but state and federal tax credits are still available. For more about incentives, click here.

Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

Tax Credits can significantly reduce the cost of solar system installation, meaning your system will pay for itself even more quickly.


The following tax credits are available to Arizonans installing solar. For more detailed information about these credits, you can visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy


  • 26% Federal Tax Credit 

  • $1000 Arizona Tax Credit


Additional incentives may be available for commercial properties. Contact us using the form below for more information!

Business Incentives

Business Incentives
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Solar for business should be a no-brainer

You could pay off your solar investment for your business in under 5 years! 

Between commercial grants, USDA reimbursements, and tax incentives more than 50% of your solar installation could be covered. 

Business & Residential

Work from home? We’ll help you leverage business AND residential incentives!

The math adds up.

You + GEEE = money saved; money earned. 

Future proof your investment

Green Earth Energy uses the latest in solar technology.

Not sure if you want all the bells and whistles now?

That’s okay. We will always choose the most economical option for you and future proof your investment while we’re at it. 

Something wrong with your solar? 

Not happy with your current solar situation?

Our trained system's engineers can take a look at your current system and fix the other guy’s mistake.

Energy consulting is part of what we do. Call or request a free, customized quote today. We’ll help you find the best incentives for your business or home. 

Green Earth Energy Financial Incentives.
Utility Incentives

Utility Incentives

Utility companies greatly impact the affordability of renewable energy through net metering and the financial incentive programs they offer.


Net Metering

Utility companies incentivize solar systems by offering “net metering” for the excess energy your system generates. Currently, solar systems connected to the grid are allowed to credit the excess energy generated by their system at retail prices. The utility company “stores” this energy for use on future bills.  More and more utilities are attempting to eliminate net metering so they can compensate for excess generation at wholesale prices rather than retail. Installing solar now will ensure that you are grandfathered into the net metering program before it is discontinued.  


Financial Incentives

Most of our clients are customers of Arizona Public Service (APS). APS’s incentives change based on yearly funding levels and become unavailable once funding runs out. Please contact us for more information about current incentive availability.

There are many financial solutions for installing solar. Take a look at the options below, and ask us for more information:

Flexible Payment Options

Payment Options


Take advantage of all available incentives yourself:

  • 26% Federal Tax Credit

  • $1000 Arizona Tax Credit

  • Additional Commercial Incentives

  • Enjoy free energy for 20+ years after your system pays out


Take advantage of incentives without excess money out of your pocket:

  • Most banks offer renewable energy loans or add system cost to your mortgage

  • Solar payback is greater than loan interest rates

  • Enjoy years of free energy when your system is paid off!

Monthly Lease

Start using solar energy on your property for $0 down:

  • Go green with no risk

  • Get an insured, lifetime-warrantied system

  • Pay a monthly leasing payment lower than your current energy bill

  • Lock in low transparent rates to protect against future utility rate hikes

Prepaid Lease

Solar energy on your property at the lowest lifetime rate:

  • Insured and warrantied system installation

  • Pre-pay for system generation at below-utility rates

  • All leases include an option to buy the system at end of the lease term

Sun energy leasing enables anyone to have a system installed without buying one.

Sun Energy Leasing

Sun Energy Leasing

Leased systems now represent over 70% of the US solar market.  Leasing has gained such popularity because it enables anyone to have a system installed without buying the system upfront.  Lessees take advantage of the clean energy generated and pay less to their leasing company than they did their utility.


Local solar finance company, Sun Energy, Inc. provided a lease for the system shown above. Sun Energy, Inc. is one of several leasing partners that are available to finance your system.

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