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About Us

Green Earth Energy & Environmental, Inc. provides design, engineering, installation and consulting services for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in:


We're certified by the top renewable energy accreditors based on our track record and continuing effort to stay current with innovation in the renewable energy industry. 

NABCEP Certified Solar Installer

North American Board of Energy Practicioners,

IGSHPA Accredited

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

About the Company

Morgan Stine, President

Morgan Stine's roots in solar spread all the back to 1979. Between 1979-1986, Morgan was a partner in wholesale and retail solar companies in Sedona.  During this time, he designed, engineered, and constructed hundreds of solar renewable energy systems—experimenting with a wide variety of system designs including solar electric, geothermal heat pump, passive solar, and solar thermal.


Over the next 20 years, he continued creating renewable energy design and construction, while expanding into general building and engineering contracting work. Morgan specialized in low-energy use buildings, site development and drainage engineering, and alternative wastewater design and engineering.

In 2008, Morgan returned to his roots in the renewable energy field. He has acquired the necessary technical certifications required to design, engineer, and construct solar electric and geothermal heat pump systems.  Through observing the performance of systems he has designed over the last 30 years, Morgan has gained a practical knowledge of thermodynamics that enables him to find the most cost-effective method to lower energy costs in a building envelope. This expertise, combined with the ability to design using the latest technology, allows Morgan to construct systems that are economical and low-maintenance for the long term—satisfying both the energy needs and investment goals of his clients.

Brad Kraft, Professional Engineer

Brad Kraft is a licensed civil engineer in Arizona with a broad understanding of civil, mechanical, and electrical design. At GEEE, Inc., he specializes in PV and geothermal system design.


Brad received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Arizona University before pursuing a career in civil land development engineering.


As a land development design engineer, he focused on multiple aspects of site design including drainage, utilities, and grading with emphasis on low-impact development (LID) design techniques.  Brad has specialized training in hydrologic and hydraulic design and analysis. 


Prior to working with GEEE, Brad was employed for 5 years as a residential and commercial electrician and also performed microchip (mask) design work for 1 year. Brad is a native Arizonan and has a deep appreciation for nature and our environment. On the weekends, he regularly is out exploring nature by bike, boot, or raft.


Connor Gonzalez, Systems Engineer

Connor received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Arizona University in 2017 and he's been with Green Earth Energy & Environmental, Inc. since then. Focused on the electrical and structural designs of our solar systems, Connor’s expertise in data analysis has proven invaluable in creating Green Earth's proprietary energy model which allows us to accurately compare "Time of Use" rate plans, demand charges, and solar energy so we can create the best possible plan for you.

​​An ABET certified Engineer, Connor is authored in the Journal of Biomedical Research for his findings on endovascular aneurysm treatment. Working for Northern Arizona’s Bioengineering Devices Lab Connor tested polymer properties and created in vitro models to support his findings and present his research for the lab. He’s pursuing his PE license and NABCEP certification. On his off-hours, he is usually playing soccer, watching Liverpool FC, or skinning up Humphries with Daniel.

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Daniel Podraza, Systems Engineer

Daniel Podraza graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Since joining the company, Daniel has worked on energy modeling systems, PV system designs, and the interconnection permit and application process. 


He developed and maintains the energy modeling system Green Earth Energy uses to accurately predict your future energy consumption. With the help of his system, we’re able to customize each design to our client’s energy needs. Permitting is a complicated, but essential aspect of our business. Daniel monitors all interconnection documents and permits, streamlining that process as much as possible. After installation, he programs and monitors the energy systems to ensure everything is functioning at maximum efficiency. 

Green Earth Energy wants you to be confident everything is running smoothly with your new system. Daniel’s expertise in these areas allows him to teach each client how to monitor and interact with their system post-installation and take control of their energy use.

Kris Thomsen, Project Manager

Peter Kersting, Marketing & Sales Lead

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