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The first step in any Green Earth Energy project is the preliminary design. When a client reaches out to us for a quote, our specialized systems engineers take a look at your property, analyse your energy usage, and design a custom plan to fit your need...


1. Hedge against future rate increases

APS recently raised rates on all customers to cover rising costs. There are many factors that can contribute to rising energy prices, like maintaining an aging grid, building new power facilities to supply meet growing demand, and...


“I think you should change your proposal tool: we’re actually saving more than our proposal said we would, and getting a higher ROI.”

This was the surprising start to my follow-up with our client, David,  after his solar installation. Having built a successful career in...


New carbon standards proposed on June 2, 2014 have the potential to impact the solar industry here in Arizona. States will be given the latitude to create their own plans for acheiving a 30% reduction in carbon emissions over 2005 levels by 2030.


Currently a 30% federa...


Homeowners with tile roofing can still enjoy the benefits of renewable energy while also preserving their roof. This photo, taken from elevation, gives you a bird's eye view of one Sedona tile installation. Innovative mounting technology supports these panels while als...


We wanted to share a photo of this pv system as it is representative of our most typical solar install. At 7.28 kW, this system size is our most popular. Systems in this size range will cover 100% of a typical home's energy costs. The client's electric bill has been av...


This Sedona client wanted the lowest profile possible on their solar installation. Typically, panels are mounted at about 12-15 degrees tilt to maximize the solar radiation they receive. However, lower tilt installations are possible, so long as about a 5 degree angle...


If you find yourself with some extra space on the south side of your property (or southeast or southwest), you may want to consider a ground-mounted solar system. Ground mounted arrays offer the aesthetic benefit that all panels can be placed in one continuous block, r...


Neither this Sedona client nor their neighbors can see this pv installation from ground level. The backside of the home provided an excellent south-facing orientation, and panels were mounted flush with the roof line to further minimize cost and visibility. Though you...


During 2012, we installed this 5.64 kW PV system for a local Sedona business. RainDance WaterWorks is a wholesaler providing all the materials needed to create the perfect outdoor living environment. Owner Wes Coate is passionate about sustainability and renewable ener...

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